Help With Security

Hi everyone, I’m fairly new to this fascinating world (fairly new would be an understatement), and I’m trying my best to learn through forums and guides online, but have finally come to a point where I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong.

Here’s my problem;

I installed GPG2win to a hidden volume in an encrypted USB, and it works fine. The thing is though, when I dismount that USB, and install the program on my C drive, all my keys etc appear in the keyring, thus making me realize somehow the program hasn’t installed exclusively to the USB like I thought it would.

Is this me being completely idiotic, because it’s the same OS it just can’t be exclusive to a hidden volume, or is there a way to install one instance of the program on my computer, and one on the hidden volume, without the keys appearing on my main computer.

Thank you :slight_smile:

If you just install gpg4win on a usb stick it will still use the default home directory %APPDATA%/gnupg

You can create a portable version though that will use the usb stick as the home directory.

From our download page:

To create a portable Gpg4win version use the included tool mkportable.exe.
HOWTO: Install Gpg4win with all components and then run from the command line (cmd) in install directory: mkportable.exe [OPTIONS] TARGETDIR. Use mkportable.exe --help to get all options. The portable version does not include GpgOL and GpgEX! Your certificates and settings are saved in the directory ‘home’ of portable version.
Please note: Do not use portable applications - especially crypto applications - on potentially infected systems.