help pls!!! Gpg4win setup

hi during installation ive got a screenshot come up thats not in the step by step tutorial provided in the documentation, it says:

(To use S/MIME certificates for sign and encrypt, you have to define
the trustability of X.509 root certificates.)

A root certificate (root CA) is used to check the validity of all
child certificates. If you trust the root certificate therby you
trust also all underlying certificates.

To avoid that each user must search and install the required root
certificates, and also check and authenticate the trustworthiness of
the same, it is useful to install a system-wide default of the most
important root certificates:

  1. Store the root certificates

    Copy root certificate file to:

    [Windows XP]:
    C:\Documents and settings\All Users\Application data\GNU\etc
    [Windows Vista/7]:

    The corresponding root certificates must be available as files in DER
    format in the above file folder, with the file extension .crt or .der.

I completely have no clue as to what any of that is, means, or what to do, i dont want to just skip configuration as i want my installation to be safe and secure.

thanks — I.T. Moron

What are you instaling GPG4win for? To encrypt files on th back end (as part of an automated routine) or to encrypt email messages? For just yourself or for a bunch of users? You may or may not want to use S/MIME certificates. If you are generating keys for yourself or using someone else’s public key to encrypt files to be sent to them and you trust their key you don’t need it, you can sign their key yourself (you tell gpg4win that you trust it).

Only to encrypt and receive encrypted Messages. I just Have no clue about any of this or what any of the jargon that goes with it means

Will you be encrypting files using the Windows based application (Kleopatra) or from the command line (DOS based). If this will be done only from the command line you don’t even need Kleopatra, you can install the lite version. If you will be using the normal Windows application to encrypt files install the regular package. You can probably skip the S/MIME stuff with no problems. If you don’t want Kleopatra to effect Outlook you will have to disable that in Outlook after the install.