Help! I've forgotten my passphrase!

OK dumb and dumber here. I had a really cute idea for my passphrase, and I can’t remember the details - punctuation, capitalisation, etc.

Is there anything I can do to get it off Kleopatra, and off the servers around the world which MIT will have sent it to?

Or - best of all - to recover my passphrase?

You can’t recover a passphrase/password. You can try guessing it, but recovery isn’t an option if you didn’t store it somewhere.

You can revoke a key:

You might want to take a look at rephrase:

This tool is designed to to automate the guessing if you mostly remember a passphrase but are not sure about some details. But it’s not “easy” to use and you probably would be better of to try this on a Linux system instead of building it for windows first.

Only brute force can do by design, but it only makes sense if you you reduce the length and the pool of ciphers to a reasonable size, otherwise it will take You years.

You can revoke a key:

That is only helpful if You have the revocation key already. Otherwise
You need Your pass phrase.

Good luck


I’m using Kleopatra under Windows 7. Isn’t GPG Keychain only available under Linux and/oriOS?