Graphically Enable Key Storage in Alternate Location

In reading I saw there were ways to set environmental variables so that Kleopatra could store keys in alternate locations. However the references were hard to find and were a little iffy. There are many reasons why a person would want to store their key pairs in a location other than the default location. It would be very nice if there was a way graphically set the location and even change the location (does not need to move existing keys in an old location).

I think this is something that would be especially helpful with the 3.0 release of Gpg4win. As the improved Outlook/Exchange support comes along some will want to store their keys on a USB Flash drive or other location when using a corporate computer.

This also seem to be important as i know more people that like to store their “important” secure stuff on flash drive in general so it is not always connected.

thanks for a great product


Hi Alan,
thanks for the suggestion!

I’ve added the wish to

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