gpgtar issue


Im just testing gpg4win and its awesome but I have an issue with the archiving functions.

When I try to archive / tar several files on the actual directory everything goes fine, but if I try to encrypt a complete directory and all the files and sub-directories it doesnt work…

Any idea I can get support? is for personal use.


Can you give an example of how you call gpgtar?

I think it is mostly intended to be used from gpgex or kleopatra / gpa.

Have you tried using gpgex to encrypt the directory?

Hi Andre,

Thanks for your reply.

After I install gpg4win I right-clic on a folder and select “Encrypt” from contextual menu… then kleopatra opens “archive and sign/encrypt files” window… force me to choose “archive files with: TAR (PGP-compatible)”… runs and everything appears to work OK but the compress and encrypted file is very much small than the total folder contens… and when I try to decrypt I only get the directory but without files… Any idea?

If you need I can make some screenshots.


Thanks for the info,

does your folder name contain a non ASCII character?

thats the behavior i get with kleopatra / gpgtar if a folder contains a non ASCII character.

The full path to the directory would be nice. Also if it is in a special location. e.g. a network folder or something.