Hi, maybe I’m off-topic here, but I couldn’t find a better place to ask my question.

So far I have used GPG4Win together with GPGShell version 3.7.8 as frontend, which I downloaded in March 2013. It did what I needed (encrypting files), and this quite properly. (Only the installation I remember as a bit bumpy).

Now I searched for a more recent version but found nothing. The page, where I made my last download, is discontinued, there is no hint anywhere.

Can someone tell me if there is a newer version and where I can find it? Has GPGShell been discontinued? Maybe there is a better shell for GPG4Win now?

Thanks for your help, Ulrich.

Hi Ulrich,

Gpg4win comes with an extension for Windows’ filemanager “Explorer”. Have you tried the right click menu?

(Maybe somebody else knows more about the history of GPGShell.)


Hi, yes - and also the double click for decryption works. Best thanks Ulrich

PS: cf. the German Forum, there I put the same question!