GPGrelay doesn't work any more since Gpg4win 3.0

Since update of Gpg4win to version 3.0 GPGrelay doesn’t work any more.

Any ideas?

Hi Tobias,

Some of the internal calls and responses of the command-line-interface in GnuPG 2.2 changed from the previous versions. It seems that GPGrelay[1] hasn’t been touched since 2005, so it doesn’t use GnuPG API GPGMe[2].
Can you elaborate what errors occur and what kind of issues you exerience while using the GPGRelay? I don’t think that this is an error from GPG4win, it is more likely that GPGRelay is not compatible with modern Versions of GnuPG.
I think you have two choices in order to use GPGRelay, you either downgrade GPG4win to an older, compatible version (not recommended), or you try to contact the developers of GPGRelay and ask them to implement compatibility to newer Versions of GnuPG (or implement GPGMe, which is compatible with all kinds of versions of GnuPG).

Best wishes,

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[2] -

there is a newer version 0.962 of GPGrelay, which is included in GnuPG-Pack. (Sourceforge offers version 0.959 only.)

It supports OpenSSL-libs as 1.0.2l, but it doesn’t support GnuPG branch 2.x. with advanced functions.
GnuPG-1.4.x branch is needed, but can be installed together with GnuPG-2.x.

A GPGrelay-upgrade for using it with GnuPG-2.x would be highly appreciated!