GPGrelay does not recognize Gpg-2.1 keys; Gpg4win-3beta...

I did install Gpg4win-3.0 beta (with gpg 2.1x included). All older pub/sec keys are imported with Kleopatra, gpg encryption is working.

But if using GPGrelay 0.9.6, while starting it displays attached error message. There seems to be a different key storing location or key format betwwen 1.4x and 2.1x versions, isn’t it?

How to supply keys for GPGrelay in 1.4x format? Is there any way to export it from Kleopatra?

Thx + regards, Chris


Hi Chris,

it is probably a good idea to ask questions about gpgrelay on gnupg-users@.

Yes, 2.1 uses a different place to story the cetificates and keys, so you cannot
directly install gpg 1.4. and gpg 2.1 and use the same storage locations.
An export and import should work between all versions (as long as the algorithms
are compatible of course. E.g. 2.1 comes with ECC that 1.4 does not have.)

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This is probably not a storage question as the Migration to GnuPG 2.1 is backwards compatibile. (All keys are still accessible through their old locations). I rather think that the keylisting code in Gpgrelay fails to parse the output of 2.1 because it changed slightly to support ECC keys.

For Kleopatra that’s not a problem because it uses GPGME but if gpgrelay just parses stdout it could be the problem. So gpgrelay would need to be changed to be compatible with 2.1

“So gpgrelay would need to be changed to be compatible with 2.1”

GPGrelay seems to be not further more maintained by its developer, so I am very unhappy because future need of decision between really nice tool GPGrelay and GPG-2.x further development itself…

GPGrelay has been established as a nice workaround for missing GPG Outlook plugin and has been proved over years.

Really no chance to get it running with GPG-2.x?