GPGol update in Version 1.1.3?!?!

the Release info of Version 1.1.3 ist not really detailed…
Purely by chance i found out (on that in Version 1.1.3 gpgol was updated from 0.0.91 to 0.9.92.

What has been fixed?

hm, just a few days before 1.1.3 was released
I added a section “Change hisotory and old releases of Gpg4win” to the download page.

At least this link should have influenced the chances positively :slight_smile:

Indeed, the overall changelog is not very detailed. AFAIK, mainly a crash-bug in GpgOL
was removed.

i was curious if the problem encrypting mails in text-format was fixed - it is not…

your infos at the download page are helpful - but as i only received the mail about a new gpg4win release with no further details, i was a little surprised…

well - perhaps it will be a good sign of improvement on gpgol th there is a new release at last.

Regarding GpgOL, there is a lot development
going on currently. Full PGP/MIME support as well as S/MIME is in the works.

Thats fine.
hope the bug I mentioned before will also be fixed soon.