gpgol stopped auto-opening encrypted incoming emails

Last week, without making any changes, when we received incoming encrypted emails, the request for the passkey did not pop up. Kleopatra was still present in the lower right, and if we went thru the manual decryption with copy & paste, the email DID decrypt. What might have changed??? We even installed the 2.2 version and also updated outlook to 2010.

Hi Jeff,

If I understand you correctly you were using Outlook < 2010 with Gpg4win-2.2.6 and it worked. After Upgrading to 2.3.0 It did not work anymore. Then you upgraded your Outlook Version to 2010 and it still does not work with any Gpg4win Version.

There is a difference between Outlook 2010 and versions before Outlook 2010.
Outlook 2010 never automatically decrypted your messages. We are currently working on that. In Outlook 2010 you have to explicitly click the decrypt Button in the GpgOL tab.

If it is an option for you switch back to your Outlook < 2010 version with Gpg4win-2.2.6 then everything should work again.
I’ll look into it. There might have been a bug introduced by the changes for 2010.


Actually, we were using Outlook 2003 and Gpg4win 2.1 successfully for several months. Half way thru the day on 11/27 the incoming emails stopped asking for the passkey. We had changed nothing. We rebooted the workstation to no avail. We then upgraded Outlook to 2010 and Gpg4win to 2.3, and it still doesn’t ask for the passkey.
The encryption arrives in the body of the email. It used to pop up the request to enter the passkey when the email came in.