[GPGol] Send encrypted - save clear?

Hello there!

Problem: After sending messages, the autosave function of MS Outlook stores the message in the “Sent messages” folder. When using the GPGol-Plugin, the stored message is the encrypted one.

Question: Is there an option setting for GPGol to save an unecrypted clear version of the message? I’m using Gpg4win v1.0.5 with MS OL 2003 SP2.

Thank you for your answers!




you can configure GPGol to encrypt automaticly in addition with your own puplic key. This means you can decrypt the stored messages with your private key.


Hi Michael,

thank you very much for your quick response. This solves my problem and even secures saved emails.


What puzzles me here is that if I do what you suggest Michael, I still see my original message in encrypted form in my sent items folder.

Sure, I can:

  • open my message
  • select Tools|Decrypt and verify this message
  • answer the dialog that appears
  • open a text editor
  • paste the clipboard contents into a new document

and I can see the unencrypted message. Add to that the fact that occasionally I have to search my mail boxes for historic messages and the price I pay for security becomes exorbitant.

My reason for sending/receiving encrypted mail is to make it near impossible for mail scanners to scan the content of e-mail IN TRANSIT. However, it is absolutely counter productive to me to store messages in encrypted form in any of my mail boxes.

Is there a way to use GPGol in this way?


Hi Pete,
if the GPGol Plugin works properly, there is not so much work to do.
Just klick on the “decrypt” icon - ready. An if you are caching your passphrase (not recommended!) you even don’t need to enter it every time.
Hope this will help a little

Well it may have to do with the fact that I actually run Outlook 2002/SP3 and not as is stated everywhere Outlook 2003/SP2.

If I send an encrypted message, I see the message encrypted in the preview pane as well as in a new window when I open it specifically. The new window has a decrypt button, but it doesn’t seem to be doing anything. If I copy the text and decrypt it using WinPT, it works, but what a pain is that :frowning:


Hi Holger,

Two things:

  1. Sorry, forgot to thank you for your reply which is much appreciated!
  1. It is not quite true that clicking the decrypt button does nothing, in fact a dialog pops up asking me for my pass phrase. After entering it, the dialog disappears and the message looks the same as before. There is nothing in the clipboard either.


Hi Pete,
looks like a problem with outlook 2002.

I’m running Outlook 2003 SP2 and it works.

  • decrypt button
  • entering pass phrase (if not cached)
  • ready (Message is decrypted)

Hi Pete,

additional Info

Known Problems
Here is a major problems we are aware of (2006-04-12):

  • It does not work with versions of Outlook older than OL2003SP2.


Additional info:
Saving a decrypted message saves it in the decrypted format!