gpgol plugin dos not appear in my Outlook 2007 / Windows 7 64 bits instance


I’ve just downloaded an installed gpg4win-2.1.1-34299-beta.exe to test encrypting mail functionalities but can’t see the tab “plug-in” in my outlook application.

What could i have made wron? gpgOL was actually checked for installation (an i can see the dll in the file tree)

gpgol in OL2007 is called an add-in. See under Tools>TrustCenter…
There in the left pane, click on Add-ins. Next go to Manage: exchange Client Extensions. Click Go… There you should find the gpgol add-in.

If gpgol is well installed you should find under Tools ‘GnuPG Certificate Manager’& ‘Remove GpgOL flags from this folder’. Also if you open up a new email, on the ribbon you should find ‘Add-ins’.

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thank you; i think i didn close outlook before installing. Second try was the right one.