GpgOL - pinentry-qt does not popup

My System:
Windows 10
Outlook 2016
gpg4win 3.0.3

Everytime I will use this plugin, it does not work because no pinentry-qt will popup. It is not in the background of an other window. Outlook freeze so I have to kill the process. Directly after killing outlook the pinentry will popup. I’ve tried to disable all other plugins. First I thought it works now. But after some tries the same error is back again. Also I have to activate the GpgOL Plugin everytime manually when starting outlook because it is inactive.

I attached the startup log and the log while trying to send an signed message for gpgol and also the log for kleo. (11.4 KB)

Hi Ari,
thanks for asking, I stills suspect some other Outlook plugin or something else to interfere,
do you use and anti-virus software for example?

In one log file I saw
14:07:19/7544/ERROR/AllowSetForegroundWindow(3640) failed: Zugriff verweigert (5)

I’l have to ask Andre, what it means. :slight_smile:



From the log file I can only see that the communication between GpgOL and Kleopatra does not work correctly. Kleopatra runs into an input<>output error and the error is not communicated to GpgOL. So GpgOL hangs.

As this happened several times for you Outlook disables GpgOL because it caused it to “Hang” and Outlook treats it as an instable addon. :-/

You can try the steps of: to permanently renable it.

For the Hang: We have already identified the communication between Kleopatra and GpgOL as a large source of Bugs and the blockage of Outlook while encrypting as a major pain (especially because Outlook treats this as bad behavior). We are currently working on replacing this and in the current development version it’s already done. ( ) This change should also fix your problems as there is no longer any communication with Kleopatra when encrypting.

I’ll try to publish a beta installer with that change soon so you could try it out.

Best Regards,