GpgOL - Outlook running out of resources

Since installing gpg4win 3.0.0 I’ve had a number of occasions where outlook (2016 or something like that) appears to stop working. Copy/Paste doesn’t work, send doesn’t work and some other stuff and, when I change folders in Outlook, it will show up the message:

"cannot display the folder. out of memory or system resources."

When I uninstalled gpg4win/GpgOL this problem went away.

Any ideas why this might be happening and/or how to avoid it?

…made this observation too (Win10, Office 2016 x32, Exchange)!

Hey John,

Can you enable GpgOL Debugging and upload the logs, as soon as this happens again?

Best wishes,

Is that done by following the instructions in 23.2 here:

If so, I’ve done it and will update you when something goes wrong. Thanks for the suggestion.


Jochen (or whoever’s interested),

This has just happened to me today. I have a gpgol log file, but it’s 160MB; is it safe to upload it here or is there a more appropriate place?

I’ve looked through the last 1/3 or so of the log file (so, I guess about 50MB worth) and the timestamps go back at that point to yesterday evening around 17:37.

The majority of the content is a massive number of sets of messages like those below, but that might be a hint that there’s a memory/resource leak somewhere, and someone might spot some other issues.:

17:37:49/17260/gpgoladdin.cpp:GetIDsOfNames: GetIDsOfNames for: getIsDetailsEnabled
17:37:49/17260/gpgoladdin.cpp:Invoke: enter with dispid: 13
17:37:49/17260/ribbon-callbacks.cpp:getContext: contextObj: _Explorer
17:37:49/17260/application-events.cpp:Invoke: ItemLoad event. Getting object.
17:37:49/17260/application-events.cpp:Invoke: Creating mail object for item: 1A2A81A8
17:37:49/17260/mapihelp.cpp:mapi_change_message_class: checking message class IPM.Note' 17:37:49/17260/mapihelp.cpp:change_message_class_ipm_note: content type is 'multipart/mixed' 17:37:49/17260/ERROR/mail.cpp:pre_process_message: Failed to find moss attachment. 17:37:49/17260/gpgoladdin.cpp:gpgoladdin_invalidate_ui: Invalidating ribbon: 10FE1190 17:37:49/17260/mailitem-events.cpp:Invoke: Removing Mail for message: 1A2A81A8. 17:37:49/17260/ERROR/ribbon-callbacks.cpp:get_mail_from_control: Failed to get mailitem. From _Explorer 09:01:02/17260/gpgoladdin.cpp:GetIDsOfNames: GetIDsOfNames for: getSigLabel 09:01:02/17260/gpgoladdin.cpp:Invoke: enter with dispid: 1b 09:01:02/17260/ribbon-callbacks.cpp:getContext: contextObj: _Explorer 09:01:03/17260/application-events.cpp:Invoke: ItemLoad event. Getting object. 09:01:03/17260/application-events.cpp:Invoke: Creating mail object for item: 1A177728 09:01:03/17260/mapihelp.cpp:mapi_change_message_class: checking message class IPM.Note’
09:01:03/17260/mapihelp.cpp:change_message_class_ipm_note: content type is ‘multipart/mixed’
09:01:03/17260/ERROR/mail.cpp:pre_process_message: Failed to find moss attachment.
09:01:03/17260/gpgoladdin.cpp:gpgoladdin_invalidate_ui: Invalidating ribbon: 10FE1190
09:01:03/17260/mailitem-events.cpp:Invoke: Removing Mail for message: 1A177728.
09:01:03/17260/ERROR/ribbon-callbacks.cpp:get_mail_from_control: Failed to get mailitem. From _Explorer
09:01:03/17260/ribbon-callbacks.cpp:get_sig_label: No mail.

FYI - I’ve added this as a bug report at - but awaiting triage) so uploaded the log file (zipped to 300kB!) there.