Gpgol Outlook add-in disables itself!


I use Outlook 2010, updated to the latest Version. I noticed by starting the prgrom up and after successful Installation of GPgol that the GPgol Add-in option gets disabled, and everytime time I reenable it and Close the window and reenter it, I find it disabled again! This means of course that the GPgol tab is not availabe and I cannot secure my mail, whether Kleopatra is invoked or not.

Can any one help please? Thanks.

I have never been able to get the included GpgOL component to work with any install of Outlook on any of my machines. Sooner or later it will crash and be disabled by Outlook.

I have found a functioning alternative called OutlookPrivacyPlugin
It’s not as robust in features as the GpgOL Add-in, but it works and has never become disabled.

Easily the best and most reliable plug-in for Outlook is gpg4o, produced by Giegerich & Partner in Germany, here:

There is a trial version.

The problem is that even the Home and Student version nominally costs 47 euros. I say “nominally” because they recently had it on offer at 10 euros, at which I bought it. If you ask nicely, they may let you have it at that price - it is worth a try (mention my name!).

The alternative is to use Thunderbird for GPG, and Outlook for everything else, including S/MIME, although the Outlook Privacy Plugin seems to work well too.

Thank you J M Ward and N Bill very much. I will start by trying the Outlook Privacy Plugin alternative. If it proves unstable, then I will Switch to the kostly gpg4o. Good to habe these two options available.

Regards Khaled

Hi Khaled,
can you try to provide more info why Gpgol does not work for you?
First please give us the precise version number of Outlook, Windows, Exchange and Gpg4win you are trying.

with the Gpg4win Initiative we try to provide a Free Software (aka "Open Source) solution for email cryptography, because funding is limited and there many Windows and Outlook variants, it may take a while until we locate some of the defects
and remove them. A nice problem report will help us to do it.

Best Regards,

Hi Bernhard,
Thank you for your Response. Here are the data you needed:

1- Outlook 2010 belonging to MS Office Professional Plus (Ver. 14.0.7015.1000)
2- Gpg4win (ver. 2.2.1)
3- Kleopatra (ver. 2.2.0)
4- KDE (Ver. 4.10.3)

I had to remove the GPGol from the list of the Outlook-add ins because it was not functioning. Everytime I ennabled it and closed the Add-in window and started a New mail, the GPGol tab was still missing. By checking the Add-in list again I found the Add-in unchecked again!! I repeated this re-renabling several time, I even restarted the PC. All was in vain. The problem persisted. To be exact, The GPGol appeared only one time at the New mail window and I was able to sign and/or encrypt Messages successfully. But on the next day after restarting the PC everything was gone and the Problem was there out of the blue.

I installed the Oulook Privacy Plugin 2.0 instead and it seems to run stable.

I Hope this description be of help to you. Kindly let me know when you have found the solution.

Regards Khaled

Hi Khaled,
is this 32bit? Which language?

With your information we at least can get you a hint once
we have something to try.


Yes, it is a 32 bit machine. I have Office English, but swappable to German.The time I installed the GPGol it was English and as I said GPGol add in worked for only the one day of the installation!
Regards khaled

I’m a new user of GPG. I have exactly the same problem (and the same software versions) as Khaled: after installing GPG4Win and launching Outlook, I can see the GpgOL plugin tab in Outlook’s menu as well as in new message windows, and I can use it. However, if I close Outlook and open it again, I get an incomplete error dialog box stating that ‘Outlook has a problem with plugin “”’ and an OK button. When I click on that button, Outlook finishes loading but the GpgOL plugin is disabled. I can re-enable it in the Advanced Outlook options, but the problem will happen again on the next but one opening of Outlook. I have tried disabling execution prevention in Outlook, just in case, but to no avail.

Sorry, I forgot to specify that I’m using Windows 7 64-bit, but the installed Office version is 32-bit (as per Microsoft recommendations).

Also, I’m running French versions of Windows and Office.