GpgOL, Outlook 2007, does not work

Hello all

I use gpg4win 2.0.2, Outlook 2007 on Vista.

When I sign an email, it just gets stuck.
When I cancel the email, then pinentry appears -
So I assume pinentry does not run in the foreground.

Has anybody any idea how I can fix this?

Thanks with best regards,

If I use a fresh install of V2.0.1 or V2.0.2 then it does not work.

If I install V2.0.1, then it works, if I upgrade later to v2.0.2 it also works -

It is a workaround but not a solution.


I’m having the same problem.

How do you do the upgrade? Is there an upgrade option or do you just install 2.0.2 on top of 2.0.1?

I have not found an update option.
So I just installed it over the old version.
Again, I am not happy with this approach, but so far I have no other option.
If you find a more proper way to handle this, please let me know:-)


That work around doesn’t work for me.

I still have to kill Outlook 2007 for the pinentry to appear.

After that it works fine.

I am using Windows 7 64bit and Outlook 2007.

The problem I have with 2.0.1, is when I view a gpg signed message in an IMAP folder it continuously downloads the message over and over. When I exit Outlook I then get many “do you want to save changes” yes/no dialogs. Next time I open Outlook, there’s a few dozen copies of the gpg message in my default POP inbox. If I go to the IMAP inbox, the cycle starts again.

I used PGP for man many years until Vista came out. I dropped PGP for awhile. My keys are many years old too.


Do a complete uninstall.
You also have to delete all registry entries which are referring to “gpg” or “qt4” or “qt2”.
Then install V2.0.1 and afterwards V2.0.2rc2 -
I have the same set-up as you have and like this it worked.