GPGol Outlook 2003 Integration Problem

I have installed the 0.9.91 version of GPGol as part of the GPG4Win project. In Outlook 2003 (111.8118.8132 SP2), when an encrypted message is viewed, the passphrase dialog pops up correctly, but after the ‘decryption’ Outlook just displays the cryptext in the reading panel. If I try to open the message in a new window, I get the passphrase prompt again, and then Outlook crashes.

Any help? Trying to disable Word as the editor, but that might not be an option with my setup.

Thank you to all who are working to make GPG easy to use for us long-suffering windows users!

Hi Timothy,

I had the same problem but the chrash. There is a new version 0.9.92 which decrpyts the messages without problems. Download the latest package from


That did it! Didn’t realize there was a new version - should have double-checked! Thank you.