GPGOL only works if O365 is started with Admin rights


I updated the suite to version 3.1.10 (GPGOL 2.4.2) and afterwards I cannot encrypt or decrypt messages in outlook 365 (Version 1902 Build 11328.20368). The button is not there in order to decrypt and cannot be added to the ribbon. The plugin is in the list “Inactive Application Add-ins” and cannot be activated.

Everything works fine if I start Outlook with admin rights (But Outlook itself, which doesn’t allow to search…)

Any idea which could be the problem?


Hello Antonio,
maybe the sections about GpgOL in
give you a hint.

If you cannot re-enable it, try the debug output for better diagnosis.
(As always careful inspect the debug output before giving it to somebody else,
to protect your data.)



this is most likely a problem in the installation when outlook was running during the upgrade. Please reinstall Gpg4win and then try to enable GpgOL again.


Thank you both!

I was looking in the website but I didn’t found this troubleShooting site. The answer was there the problem was the “LoadBehaviour” register entry which had the value 2 instead of 3.

Thank you for your time and your support.

Best regards.