GPGOL keeps passphrase


I try GPGOL for the first time, it always asks me for my passphrase each time I open Outlook.
I would like to know if it is possible to memorize the password so that I don’t have to ask for it every time.
I know if I don’t put a passphrase on my certificate, he won’t ask for it, but I don’t know if it’s good practice.

Thank you for your help


We don’t have a very user friendly interface for that yet. But you can already change the timeout how long the crypto backend caches the passphrase. Then you only have to enter it once after a login session.

In the GpgOL Options under “GnuPG System” in the tab “Private Keys” you can set “Expire cached PINs after N seconds:” to a high value like 72000.
You also need to change “Set maximum PIN cache lifetime” to the same value.

In general the option should be more user friendly. Like a “Only ask for Passphrase once every Windows Login”.

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