GPGoL for Microsoft outlook 2016

Hi guys,
I am trying GPGoL in Outlook 2016. Managed to add the gpgol.dll in Outlook. Now I get a
operation failed, code 1.
Seems that Outlook is not communicating with GPG4WIN.
Any advice please?

Thank you,


Hi Guys,
Anyone with recent Microsoft Outlook experience with GPGoL?
Thanks for sharing any tips.

Hi Kyriakos,

there are several approaches in trying to find out what maybe the problem.
In general GpgOL works on Outlook 2016.

See , maybe you are having one of the incompatible addins.

You could also see if Gpg4win is working from the explorer or Kleopatra for files in general, then you can exclude a settings problem there.

In addition you could enable GpgOL debugging and see if this gives you more insights.

(Also state version of windows and mail connection server you are using.)

Best Regards,