GPGOL: enable for one account only

I have multiple accounts setup in Outlook. I only want to use GPG for one of the accounts. Is this possible?

I’m using Outlook 2013 and GPG4Win 2.3.3

Hi, Robert!

I’d say that the GpgOL plug-in will be available in every of your Outlook accounts.

In my experience GpgOL encrypts your outgoing messages only when you click the Encrypt icon. So, no encryption will be done automatically, which is also fine if you use multiple accounts.

– rpr.

Thanks. The problem is that I use a different encryption plugin (Entust) for my other account. But GPGOL was attempting to decrypt/verify messages automatically, and preventing Entrust from being used on those messages.

I found a workaround, and that is to open the options dialog by clicking the little pop-out icon on the GpgOL tab, under the “Start Certificate Manager”, and uncheck “Enable the S/MIME support”.

This prevents GpgOL from doing anything automatically – but I can still do GPG operations manually by clicking the appropriate button on the toolbar.

I agree this is an issue. I have a GSuite Account, which cannot use GpgOL, but another account that can. It’s error prone to disable / reenabled GpgOL depending on the account I’m using.