gpgol doesn't update decrypted window

I’m running gpg4win 1.0.5 with gpgol 0.9.10 and Outlook 2003 SP2 (11.8010.8028). Decryption seems to work ( at least according to log file), but the Outlook window isn’t being successfully updated and still contains the encrypted text.

There is an excerpt of the log file:
3252/passphrase_callback_box: getting passphrase for 0x0AFAFA366A8DA335 from cache: miss
3252/passphrase_callback_box: sending passphrase …
3252/passphrase_callback_box: leave
3252/decrypt isHtml=0
3252/msgcache_get: cache miss for key: 01C6B638545DAE4EFCDD28174F639DD1D7E23DF61C9D
3252/msgcache_put: new cache key: 01C6B638545DAE4EFCDD28174F639DD1D7E23DF61C9D
3252/found class RichEdit20W
3252/display.cpp:update_display: window handle 00150AE8
3252/display.cpp:update_display: window text is now `Test

3252/gpgmsg.cpp:decrypt: leave (rc=0)
3252/olflange.cpp:DoCommand: commandID=61536 (0xf060)
3252/olflange.cpp:find_outlook_property: looking for `Close’
3252/olflange.cpp:find_outlook_property: got IDispatch=04717A68 dispid=61475
3252/olflange.cpp:ExchEntryPoint: creating new CGPGExchExt object
3252/olflange.cpp:Install: context=0x7 (ReadNoteMessage) flags=0x0
3252/GPGol: this is gpgol 0.9.10
3252/GPGol: detected Outlook build version 0xd0625 (13.1573)
3252/GPGol: actual version 0x1030400 (
3252/GPGol: virtual version 0x1030400 (
3252/olflange.cpp:InstallCommands: context=0x7 (ReadNoteMessage) flags=0x0
3252/olflange.cpp:OnRead: received
3252/show_mapi_property: PR_CONVERSATION_INDEX=01C6B638545DAE4EFCDD28174F639DD1D7E23DF61C9D
3252/olflange.cpp:OnReadComplete: received
3252/olflange.cpp:DoCommand: invoking Close succeeded

Sounds like this should be reported as a bug.

Can you make an entry in the bug tracker?