GpgOL beta: Which version?

there are different versions, gpgol.dll and gpgol.dll (mime-send).

What’s the difference, which version should be tested?

Thx + regards, Chris

Hi Chris,

For now we are looking mostly for input on the version published as part of the 3.0.0 beta package. See:

If you want to combine gnupg stable with a new gpgol version I’d suggest the mime-send variant. Which enables sending of PGP/MIME messages (e.g. Attachments, encoding etc handled), this is the next big step for GpgOL.


Hi Andre,
GPG4Win-3.0.0 beta23 package and 3.0.0 beta34 package contain same GpgOL beta version 2.0.0-beta36 (description from

We are most interested in bugfixes / enhancements regarding the Outlook2010 plugin, so there seems to be no progress between the two released beta versions of GPG4Win, isn’t it?

Is it possible to use GPG4Win-3.0.0 beta34 with ?

Thx + regards, Chris

Ok, i did curious install GPG4Win-3.0.0 beta34 package, GpgOL-beta45 is included.
So only description is not updated in
Sorry for my confusion…

LG Chris