GPGol:appointment forwarding Outlook-Calendar

I started to use gpg4win 6 weeks ago. It is very stable and it satisfies nearly all my requirements! Therefore first, thanks to all who spend all the time and energy to setup and develop this usefull software.
The only problem I have with GPGol, is when I try to forward an date/appointment in the OutlookXP-Calendar per Email: An error-message pops up “Not supported” and the email is sent unencrypted!
So, the question is, whether there is a workaround to send the date encrypted, and if this functionality will be included in one of the next releases ?

Thank for your infos.

This sounds like a critical bug.
Can you create a bug report for

yes I would like to create a bug report for GPGol, if you will tell me where I can do this (I am not very familiar with the G-Forge and I thought, this is the correct place to report the bug :wink:

Is there a special bug-report-website for GPGol?
I am looking forward to post the bug report a.s.a.p.

Holger :wink:

GPGol has its own development infrastructure.

Go to the GPGol homepage (linked from and browse to the bug tracker.
You can log in as guest.

Be aware that this bug tracker unfortunately
does not allow to add more information
once you did the intial report :frowning: