GpgOL and new Outlook

Lately, Microsoft has been beta testing a version of Outlook that is supposed to replace the current desktop version. This new version of Outlook seems to have replaced the older add-in support with an app store, so GpgOL isn’t integrated into the user interface as it is with the current version of Outlook. Will the GpgOL be ported to this new version of Outlook?

Yes, the developers of Gpg4win are already working on it but it takes some time because the add-in has to use a new API. The old Outlook was a “normal” application before but the new version is based on web technology.

The last time @aheinecke was posting (German) about the progress they were working on a proof of concept.

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Yes we are seriously working on it. And it will of course be free software (open source). As for a timeline I am a bit unsure still. We basically finished some evaluation and are already starting on actual code like the Mimetreeparser in Kleopatra but I need to get in a bit more on the Outlook API side of things before we can give you a good roadmap when to expect it and what it will do.

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