gpgex.dll is picked up as a trojan virus

I have GFI “managed antivirus” on my machines here and it is picking this up as a trojan and deleting it on install.

Can someone get in contact with them and decipher why?

Risk name: VirTool.Win32.Obfuscator.hg!b1 (v)
Source: Active Protection
Quar date: 5/17/2017 9:13 AM
Risk level: High
Risk category: Trojan

Description: Trojan is a general term for malicious software that is installed under false or deceptive pretenses or is installed without the user’s full knowledge and consent. Most Trojans exhibit some form of malicious, hostile, or harmful functionality or behavior.

Advice: This is a high risk and should be removed immediately as it may compromise your privacy and security, make dangerous changes to your computer’s settings without your knowledge and consent, or severely degrade your computer’s performance and stability.

FPQ-20170517133310_VirTool.Win32.Obfuscator.hg!b1 (v)

C:\Program Files (x86)\GNU\GnuPG\gpgex.dll

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please see

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Which AV are you using? I think it is false positive.
If you can check the file here or use a new tool to scan again.