GPGEncryption not working

I recently upgraded my PC and I am trying to run encryption code using the GPGencryption class. here is the code I am using -
pgp = new GPGEncryption();
EncryptionSettings es = new EncryptionSettings();
es.CustomerRecipient = “”;
es.FileToEncryptPath = this._archiveDirectory + this.Customer.CustomerName + “\Inventory\DecryptedFiles\” + _fileName;
this._fileName = this._fileName + “.pgp”;
es.EncryptedFileName = _fileName;
es.OutputDirectory = this._archiveDirectory + this.Customer.CustomerName + “\Inventory\EncryptedFiles\”; ;
this._fileName = “\Inventory\EncryptedFiles\” + this._fileName;

the code runs fine, but the encrypted file is not generated. I have been using the same code for more than 2 years now, but it seems it was not correctly setup in my new machine.
fyi - i was also getting an error earlier “Invalid directory name” - I then did some regedit changes and added the gnupg key. the error stopped after this, but now the file does not generate.

any assistance in this regard is appreciated.
I believe I am using the GPG version 1.4 but I am not able to find the installer in order to reinstall this.