Gpg4win(v3.1.16): Any more new valid command line option for installer ?

Hello Forum,

after carefully and thoroughly reading both Chapter 6 Installing Gpg4win and then Annex 25.4 “Automatic installation of Gpg4win”, which helped me to reply to another posted message about a “silent” installation, because of v4.0 Compendium (as of now German only :-(( ) I’m now wondering if I might have been able to use any more new valid command line options for ‘gpg4win-3.1.16.exe’ installer,
I’m also asking this because of a minor error I met which was not disruptive for installation itself (just a pity there’s no log for it) but it probably was for all Gpg4win tools I installed and so for now I prefer not to run at all.

Any reply/comment is welcome.

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P.S. Just in case anyone might already be wondering about this, I’m obviously just about to open a new related bug with all my findings so far… ;-D

My question would be: What are you trying to archive? If there is a use case for some installer setting we should add and document it. But I don’t know what you would like to have.

Hello Andre,

thanks for your reply/question.
Well after installation error I’ve experienced twice, I’d say that having “/l” (or “/log:<optional_path>”) would have been a very nice new command line option to use.
At least so that during my 2nd installation I might have been able to collect something more than just 1 simple error dialog screen shot bitmap that I’m obviously about to provide once I’ll be effectively able to open a new bug report (since I’m patiently awaiting for an administrator approval before I might be able to do so).

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Hi Rob,
did you meanwhile file an issue to request a log file for install feature?