GPG4Win on multi user VDI

I am looking to deploy GPG4Win on our VDI infrastructure.
assuming that there isnt a admx template i can use to configure this, are there registry keys i can use to ensure when a user logs onto a new VM that it doesn’t require any configuration from the user?
if keys are saved to the users ‘my documents’ folder, this will follow them from session to session, but how can i configure the software to automatically pick these up?

conceptually, this is the same as a hotdesk environment.

secondly, does anyone know if there is an msi available? i have searched but not found anything

any guidance would be appreciated

Hi James,

so far I am not aware that somebody has an admx template.

There are several ways to set the paths where GnuPG (the crypto backend of Gpg4win) looks for the configuration and the key material.
The GNUPGHOME environment variable could be one approach, there are others as well.
The GnuPG documentation should have the technical side on this.

As for an msi: the GnuPG VS-Desktop also packages Gpg4win and comes with a mandatory
support contract. They have more packaging variants and also an .msi available.
I am not aware of other msi packages.