gpg4win - newbie needs help

Hey All,
I got gpg4win installed and need it for work, plus like it and am interested in security in general.

I installed it, created my public/private key. Now I got a key from a buddy and just added it to my winpt. But i never signed it or trusted it, so what does that actually mean? I found a tutorial online mentioning you have to do that.

But then I got a file the person sent me that was a .txt.pgp file and I opened it with the file manager, no problem.
So what does signing the others key do for me? And is there a good tutorial that is really more in depth then what I have found so far? Completely new to pgp and all so take it easy on me :slight_smile:

yeah I agree, all tutorials I’ve seen so far appear to be unix based and not windows…

I urgently need this for work reasons and cannot really seem to find a decent “how to” or “getting started” document anywhere on the old intraweb.