gpg4win manual

Dear all,
I try the gpg4win and I think it is wonderful. I’ve only a little problem: the Manual for Advanced User is in German. Has anyone a translation in English or Italian?

Thank you in advance

We currently working on a new Gpg4win Compendium which combines the (german) manuals “Einsteiger” and “Durchblicker” and added a lot of new content about the new functions/components of Gpg4win2 (e.g. S/MIME and Kleopatra).

The Gpg4win Compendium is currently in German only and available in the
version 3.0.0-beta1 from
Note: the document is a beta version. We’ll work on it in the next month.

Currently, our plan is to publish the final gpg4win compendium 3.0.0 (german) version
in the first quarter 2009 - when we publish the final Gpg4win 2.0.0 version.
After that Brigitte Hamilton (she has translate the novices manual) will start
to translate the compendium into English.

Then you can tranlate it into Italien - like Stian do it for Swedish: :wink: