gpg4win-light-1.0.8.exe BAD Signature?!

After receiving the “Gpg4win-announce” yesterday. I have dowloaded gpg4win-light-1.0.8.exe
Checking the File with gpg4win-light-1.0.8.exe.sig returns an error!
gpgee: “Falsche Unterschrift; erzeugt von Werner Koch (dist sig) (0x1CE0C630).”
gpg: BAD signature from “Werner Koch (dist sig)

Am i doing something wrong or is there any problem with this Version of gpg4win?

Meantime I found the reason for the “BAD signature”. The download was broken down (also it indicated “succesfull”) and the file incomplete. Today I tryed it a second time and it worked (badly, but after a looong time i received a complete file)

Now everything is fine an the Signature is ok.

no dl possible. FTP-Server down?

Well, the server is not really down, but its very slow.
I succeeded only because my firefox is caching the downloaded part. It took 3 times to get the full file!