GPG4win issue with office2016

I have installed GPG4win on a windows 10 machine and GPGOL installed plugin installed onto office2016. the GPGOL icon appears in outlook but when I compose a new message and click the icon to ‘sign’ or ‘encrypt’ the message nothing happens. the message is not being encrypted and also encrypted mails received are not being decrypted.
what I did I do wrong? need help fix this.

Hi Jethro,

if you open “Kleopatra” can you encryption and sign there? (e.g. a file)?

Also helpful maybe the following wiki page:


yes it seem I am able to sign/encypt and decrypt a file in Kleopatra

We had similar issues in the past with regard to incompatible Addons in GpgOL. Broken Addons sometimes block the Events we rely on to Encrypt / Sign.

Btw. the mail is only encrypted when sending and not when you hit the button. (You probably tired sending test mails to yourself, but I want to mention this anyway so that there is no misunderstanding.)

Okay, than your crypto engines seems to work fine.

How is your Outlook connected? Which version of exchange or something else?
Do you run additional add-ins? (Some addins are incompatible, here is an incomplete list )


My PC is connected to exchange via LAN. exchange version 2013. I do not have any of those incompatible add-ons on my outlook


the next step of analysis probably would be to switch on diagnostic output
(as linked from

and send parts of it to Andre and me.

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