GPG4Win - install with NO Email (gpgol)?


I need to utilize GPG4Win to encrypt/decrypt files to/from outside sources, but I do not need to integrate it into email.

However when I install it in the normal manner GPGol is installed and, based on numerous Windows error messages, it is causing problems when I send out a large number of emails via automation.

How can I install GPG4Win without involving GPGol?
Or can I uninstall GPGol.dll and still have GPG4Win operate in the manner that I need?

Any assistance/advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated.


Alright I resolved my own problem.

In the Windows Installation routine for GPG4Win there is a place to UnCheck the GPGol portion of GPG. That will prevent it from being installed and affecting Outlook.

And, if you forgot, you can go into Outlook - Options - Options - Advanced Add-In and UnCheck GPGol.