GPG4WIN: GPA not importing keys correctly?

If I import a public key in GPA, the key is marked as ‘The key can be used for certification and signing, but not for encryption’. Tried for several emails. Tried via download of .ASCs at MIT key server and other, and via Server/Retrieve Keys… with the same result. Any clues about what is going on? GPG4WIN 3.14 on Windows 10.

Triple-checked and it seems that by a weird coincidence all key that I’ve tried were expired recently… I missed the “Key validity: Expired” in the bottom windows since I needed to scroll to see that :slight_smile: So item can be closed, with the remark that it perhaps might be an interesting update to visually flag the key in some way as expired in the main window.

You can of course renew expired public keys just in case you weren’t aware.