Gpg4win crashes with proxy

Hi everyone,
i have installed gpg4win 1.0.9 on a winxp sp2 system. I am using WinPT to manage keyrings.
PC is behind firewall and proxy server, so if I do not configure any proxy and try to receive a key from a server (by submitting key ID), I obviously receive a “cannot connect” error.
But when I configure the proxy server, the program just crash after a while (the MS window to submit a report about the problem shows up).
Am I missing something?

Sounds like a bug in WinPT to me.

Best is to create a bug report for WinPT
with a clear description hwo to reproduce
the problem.

What you could also test is: Try
the same with GPA.

Thanks, I have checked the know bugs list for WinPT and this problem has already been reported - I should have checked before…
As for GPA, I’d like to try but I cannot figure out how to configure it to use a proxy server.