gpg4win command line

Hello All,

i have installed gpg4win on my machine. our requirement is to decrypt multiple files coming from our vendor so they are usable. i have a few questions and would love to get the answers asap.

the version i am using is 2.2.5

  1. can we decrypt multiple files?
  2. i could not find an option to use the passphrase in the command line. am i missing something or has this option been taken off.
  3. can we decrypt multiple files in sub folders.


Hi Nishant,

try the option --decrypt-files, it will accept several files for decryption.
It probably accepts longer paths so you’ll be able to state files in subdirectories.
As far as I know it does not work recursive, though.

For presetting passphrases, the following tool is one good way (I’m not sure right now that gpg4win ships it):

The other option is to set an empty passphrase on the cert.

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Hello Bernhard,

Thank you very much for your reply. While trying your suggestion and also after looking up on the internet i found 2 solutions for the problem.

decrypt-files does take multiple files but the below solution works as a wildcard if you have multiple files in your directory and this can be done unattended also.

gpg2.exe -d --multifile c:*.gpg

gpg2.exe --batch --passphrase “Your Passphrase Here” -d --multifile “c:*.gpg”

as for the Sub directories, it would only be possible using a batch script which i dont think would be much of an hassle.

Thank you again.