gpg4win appears to ignore keyserver settings

I’m having issues getting the search on server function/publishing keys to server function to work properly.

Using the default keyserver errors me out, see the first picture.

I know for a fact my keys are published on, and whenever i try to change the keyserver to that, it still uses the old, default server. for more information, contact, me, as I have more pictures/examples, but can only add one picture

Am i doing something wrong? Is this a bug? I would appreciate any help that you all can provide <3.


I meant to add this, but am new to this type of forum and can’t find the edit:

This is specifically in Kleopatra, which calls gpg on Windows 10


Hi Travis,

your point is that Gpg4win does not change the keyserver configuration,
even if you have tried.

Please try on the command line like
gpg --verbose --keyserver hkp:// --send-keys XYZ

Which version of Gpg4win are we talking about?
(Did you also install the GnuPG-2.2.32, see announcement on the webpage.)

Best Regards,