GPG4Win and Thunderbird 78.2

Has anyone used GPG4Win with the new Thunderbird 78.2 and it’s built in PGP support? I’ve been holding off updating it just in case there were any problems.

As far as I’ve heard, the Thunderbird does not use GnuPG. No idea how they handle the migration of the key store(s). Hopefully they do implement the OpenPGP standard for mails, so they should be interoperable.

I know it doesn’t use GNUPG anymore via Enigmail (although oddly enough there is a new separate add-on that does work with it). I was just curious if still coexist peacefully.

I’m still a bit leery with how (well) it will deal with separate key stores and keeping them in sync.

It works on one PC, where I’ve installed it after update 3.1.13, but on another PC where the update was done, it doesn’t work anymore.