GPG4Win 4.0.2 signature links broken, no sigs in files repo

There are links to signature files on the downloads page, but those files do not yet exist in the repo. For example, the following is a 404 as of this posting:

Thanks to the GPG4Win team for another release.

Hi Rob,

my mistake. Thanks for the heads up, I have uploaded the files now.

Best Regards,

Thank you! The signature checks out. I realize that the EXE is already signed as a Windows installer, but having an established GPG cert provides further assurance that the release is official.

This is a bit off-topic but is related to the release links, so I will note that a generic “gpg4win-latest.exe” and signature were made available in the repo for the 4.0.0 release on 2021-12-21. Was that file intended to be routinely updated to the latest release as a permalink? I assume that it might need either maintained or removed unless it has a purpose I’m just not aware of.

I’m not requesting that something be done as the files are harmless, but just offering a reminder that the file is there and wondering what it was intended for. I personally prefer the existing release style where filenames and links are specific for each version.

Hi Rob,
we’have fixed the -latest files, they are needed for some installationmethods (like chocolatey).

Thanks for the hint!