Gpg4win-3.1.16: Smartcard-daemn crashes...

after updating to Gpg4win-3.1.16 sometimes “GnuPG’s smartcard daemon” crashes.
Win10-20H2(64bit), Outlook-2016(32bit)

It seems to be dependend on repeating Outlook starts, first attempt does not show this error. And, sorry, circumstances are not reliable reproducable.

Any debugging options? Whatfor is button “Programm debuggen”?

Thx + regards.


Hi Chris,

thanks for reporting!

Yes, before this can be handled efficiently, it needs a way to be reproduced are a backtrace or something.

As to debugging options, there are some documented on the scdaemon manpage, especially --debug-allow-core-dump looks interesting, though I do not know if this works on windows.


Hi Chris,

have you already found a solution?
I have the same problem here after the update.


Sorry, no solution found yet.

I have now installed the 3.14 again.
That works too.
At least one can work again now.


Hi Robert,
hi Chris,

how often do you get the crash?

Could you add the debug-allow-core-dump option to the scdaemon options and have a crash with that? Did it change anything?


Hello Bernhard,
it crashes every day after Outlook has been closed once and reopened. (System is booted every day)

How to add debug-allow-core-dump option to the scdaemon options under Win10(64), whre to get the resulting log?

Best regards, Chris

Hi Chris,

it should be the ‘scdaemon.conf’ text file in the usual GNUPG_HOME (where all the other config files are).

You can also try setting other debugging options there, like verbose and `log-file PATH’
so see more infos, which may lead up to the crash.

I’m not sure where you’ll find the core-dump, it would need to be examined by a debugger to be useful, but together with the debugging symbols, it gets developers an idea where the crash maybe located within the application. (The core dump file may contain sensitive information.)

Best Regards,

Dear Bernhard,
whole Win10(64) system does not contain a file called ‘scdaemon.conf’, I did a file search over whole partition… !?

Best regards

… with admin rights granted… :wink:

Hi Chris,
you can just the create the configuration file, if it is not there, as the files are optional.