Gpg4win 3.1.14 bug with GpgOL 2.4.8

i am sorry but there are no improvements about annoying issue
“Daten konnten nicht entschlüsselt werden: No data” with GpgOL 2.4.8

Please refer to attached screenshot (Win10prof 1909, Outlook-2016(32), local .pst, Pop3s/ Smtps, no Exchange)

After sending an GPG encrypted/ signed mail it cannot be read in Outlook’s ‘Sended’ folder.
Recipient (Thunderbird 78.5.0(32) on Win10) is able to decrypt and show this message.
Reply from Thunderbird > Outlook results in same No-data error, mail cannot be encrpted, unreadable…

Please correct this behaviour, last working version is GpgOL 2.4.5.

Best regards, Chris


Hello Chris,

thanks for testing Gpg4win and giving feedback!

Is this the same problem as the second one the German forum thread?

Sorry to hear it is not fixed yet.

I read a number of messages, and not sure anymore:
So just to clarify, the problem is there with “permanent decryption” enabled
and no other add-ins?

Best Regards,

Solution found, pls refer to