GPG4win 3.0, Outlook-2010, Classic Menu dialogues

if composing a new email, GPG4win signing and encrypting buttons are offered in ‘Nachricht’ (=message) tab only.

If using unique ‘Classic Menu’ in MS Office for usability reasons, switching between the tabs is necessary, but annoying.

Is there any way for adding GpgOL buttons to ‘menüs’ tab of Classic Menu?

Thx + regards.

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Hi Chris,

Just to clarify things: You wish to have the encrypt and sign options of the GpgOL-Plugin in the proprietary Outlook Plugin “Classic Menu for Office”?

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on right corner of proprietary Outlook Plugin “Classic Menu for Office” resides some space, which should be used for the encrypt and sign options of the GpgOL-Plugin. Maybe screenshot can clarify me request…

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Hi Chris,

Since the “Classic Menu for Office” Plugin is proprietary, we can’t access the source code and we can’t modify it.

If you really want the GpgOL Plugin options in the “Classic Menu for Office” Plugin, you should go ahead and ask the company that sells that Plugin.

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Hello Jochen,
there is no possibility for ‘free positioning’ a plugin icon in Outlook’s menu?

Thx + regards, Chris

Hey Chris,

No, not that I’m currently aware of.

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