gpg4win 3.0.3 does not work over 3.0.0

User with local admin rights installed the new version 3.0.3. There is no gpg4win icon on Outlook 2016 anymore. gpg --list-keys creates a new .gnupg and key database every time it is run. Kleopatra shows all imported keys, but console gpg shows no keys :frowning:

Re-installed gpg4win 3.0.3 and nothing changed, except gpg --list-keys shows no output at all

Hi Veli,

was there any other GnuPG related software installed previously on the machine?
(This may be related to old settings.)
What version of windows are we talking about?

What happens to the .gnupg files between the runs? It seems like there are two different settings happening?

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no other GnuPG software on the machine. It is windows 7.

Kleopatra shows a new key when you create it and when you do gpg --edit-key ID on the console it re-creates .gnupg files and no keys are visible.

We have tried uninstalling&installing again. I wonder if the key database is corrupted and it is not removed during uninstall?

Please (after a backup) remove the files created by GnuPG entirely to retest.

Deinstallation (if I remember correctly) does not remove user data
and the keys and configuraiton is user data.
If there never was GnuPG or something else coming with it on the machine,
then there will be no regstry keys for environment variables anymore.
(Those tend to sometimes cause trouble.)


My installation shows home dir as:

Home: C:\Users\myuseraccount\AppData\Roaming\gnupg

and our problem user has:

Home: ~/.gnupg

this is a bit strange though.

Is there some GNUPGHOME environment variable or registry key set, by chance?