GPG4Win 3.0.3 - Backend not supported by Kleopatra

I have a client who is being asked by a vendor to utilize GPG4Win, however out of the box the Kleo test is failing the GPG, GpGSM and GpgConf installs.

A problem was detected with the gpgconf backend.
It seems that the gpgme library was compiled without support for this backend.

Proposed Corrective Action:
Replace the gpgme library with a version compiled with gpgconf support.

I have run the GnuPG simple installer as gpg suggested during install and get the same result either way.

If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it. I am new to GPG. I have worked with Zix in the past which seems somewhat similar


Hi Blake,

which version of Gpg4win and Windows are we talking about?
(This somehow sounds like an elder version.)

You should only need the Gpg4win 3.0.3 installer which comes with GnuPG included.

Best Regards,

I don’t think its an older version:

If there is an installation error when installing the included gnupg we open a messagebox to show that: this was a fairly recent addition as we previously failed silently in such a case.

Still if Kleopatra can’t find GnuPG at all this means that something is wrong in the installation.

Can you check if the registry key HKLM\Software\GnuPG exists and that the value of “Install Directory” points to the directory where GnuPG is installed into?

If so you can try to launch “gpg.exe” from that directory (subdir bin) on the command line and look for errors.

Thanks for the input, I did eventually get this working yesterday for the client.

Previously it asked me halfway through the install to download and installed the GnuPG Simple installer as the bundled version failed. What I did before was click OK and complete the GPG install and then when I was on the Kleopatra check screen I would installed the GnuPG simple install. But it never would have any effect.

I was able to resolve it by doing the GPG install again and when it threw the error about GnuPG I left the installer in a paused state and ran the GnuPG simple install while that was already running, then once complete I clicked ok ok the GPG error and let it finish.

After doing it that was it prompted for reboot and installed. Kleo complained about several missing dlls, but I was able to drop those in manually and now it is running fine.

Not sure why the packaged GnuPG version failed though. It was the latest version from the website 3.0.3, and this result was on 2 different PCs on 2 different environments.