Gpg4Win 3.0.0 update came with a plethora of bugs

So, I use Gpg4Win for a lot of things - from verifying software packages to signing and encrypting my own emails (through Mozilla Thunderbird with Enigmail). As of Gpg4Win 2.3.4, all of that was working just fine.

When I updated to 3.0.0, everything broke. Kleopatra no longer recognizes my public-private key pair as mine, so it thinks that I just have a bunch of third-party keys in the store and no keys belonging to me. As a result, I cannot certify third-party certificates, because I get an error that says “To certify other certificates, you first need to create an OpenPGP certificate for yourself. Do you wish to create one now?” I don’t need to create one, my key was working just fine as of 2.3.4 for everything from certifying other certificates to encrypting files to signing emails - but now it’s just not working for whatever reason. Worse, when I right-click my key and select “Change Certification Trust…,” the option “This is my certificate” is grayed out.

So, if that isn’t all ridiculous enough, I finally threw my hands up in frustration and began generating a new key pair. It didn’t work, as I received an error at the end of the Key Pair Creation Wizard: “Could not create key pair: No pinentry.” At no point during this wizard was I prompted to enter a pin or a password to protect this key pair, a practice which I normally perform.

This is all stuff with the standard utilities provided with Gpg4Win, and I can’t send emails right now through Thunderbird + Enigmail, either. As that’s a problem with a separate application, I’m not inquiring about it here, but I’d be dollars to doughnuts that it’s because my Gpg4Win install just up and lost my default identity.

Any suggestions here?


You could install a separate older version of gpg/gpg4win and tell Enigmail to use that, and it will probably work, since I assume you never removed your old gpg files. Meaning, your old key files are still on your system.

New version of gpg uses new file structure, as you said, but it doesn’t delete the old ones.

Hi Tom,
sorry to read that you are having problems.

Did you somehow change the place where the GnuPG configuration lives?
(I guess that somehow the migration of your seckey did not work
and maybe a different location of the .gnupg directory plays a role here.)

Best Regards,