Gpg4win-2.3: How to encrypt/sign in one step?

while sending signed AND encrypted Gpg emails two steps are necessary:

  1. Signing the email
  2. Encrypting the signed mail

Recipient decrypts email, but signing must be verified ‘by hand’ ( GPGrelay)

Is there any possiblity to encrypt/ sign new emails in one step, so recipient can decrypt/ verify in one step?

Thx + regards.

Hi Chris,

when dealing with email, the necessary steps should be implemented by
your email application (aka mail user agent (MUA)).

Technically this is done it two steps, so the signature stays there
and can be verified even without encryption.

What MUA are you talking about? :slight_smile:

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I am sorry, it’s Outlook-2010 (32bit) on Win7-64bit…

This will be a feature of the “MIME Support” we are currently working on for gpgol.
Then you can just select “sign, encrypt” and when you send the message the complete message with attachments will be signed and encrypted in a standard format.

Great + thanks. If you need some more tester assistance, pls contact me!

thanks for your offer, feedback is important for us and appreciated. Please follow the gpg4win-users mailing list:

This is where we will announce test versions. We are actually pretty close so it might even be Friday that we publish a first experimental version.


Fyi, a test Version with a GpgOL that has this feature is available under: