gpg4win-1.0.6 (GPGol)

I’ve upgraded my version to 1.0.6 from 1.0.2 and it seems that the new version of GPGol crashes Outlook when trying to send or cancel an encrypted email. Outlook prompts to restart and the email is not sent. Has anyone experienced this error?


We also have the same problem after trying this for the first time. Great when you are trying to test it with a confirmed windows person…

Hello to all,

i’m new to PnuGP, recently i have created a key pair.

my question is how do i use it? how do i proceed from there?

i use yahoo email. how do i use it to securely sent email.

where and how do i see my public key and how do i post it on the internet.

is fingerprint the same with public key?

how do i sign a key pair?

pls. help me. im new and hardly dont understant how to start.