gpg.exe failed: No child processes

I am facing this error on windows machine when trying to commit with signing using gpg:

$ git commit -m “test”
error: waitpid for C:\Users\mohit.kumar\AppData\Local\Programs\gnupg\bin**\gpg.exe failed: No child processes**
error: gpg failed to sign the data
fatal: failed to write commit object

Hi @kmohit520,

one of the popular git package for windows comes with its own version of GnuPG.

As next debugging step you can try to just sign a regular file directly with that version of gpg.exe to see if you get more useful error messages.

If you know the path, try something like

  ....pathto\gpg.exe -v --sign ...pathto\afile.txt

and see if this works.

Best Regards