GPG certificates and patriotic act.

Good afternoon, I wanted to ask if the GPG certificates we generate with kleopatra meet the communications security standards described in the patriot act. I am the information security admin in a bank and I have to comply with the legal regulations.
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Dear Rafael,

can you point us to the specific technical requirements?
Are you look at creating certificates for use with S/MIME (in CMS format)?
Or are you looking at creating OpenPGP “certificates” (aka public keys)?


Thanks for commenting, I need to use a certificate that allows me to encrypt office 365 mail that must be sent to the treasury department and OFAC, can you guide me if an OpenPGP certificate can be used in this case?


I would be surprised if OpenPGP could be used for that. But we also have S/MIME Support in our Outlook plugin that works with office 365. So you could also use it for that.

For the specific requirements on the certificate and if openpgp can be used you would have to check yourself or someone else would need to answer as I am not a US Citizen I don’t have experience with that.

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Dear Rafael,

do you know if the treasury department and OFAC have techinical
guidelines for the certificates to use? If so, can you point us to them?

(We still maybe unable to answer the question, but at least then we can have a look- ;))

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